Pre wedding photographers in bilaspur are slowly changing the trend. Pre wedding photography has now become a norm. Indian weddings have undergone a metamorphosis of sorts in more senses than one and pre-wedding functions have gained ascendancy and universal acceptance. Pre wedding shoots are even more special than the actual wedding shots as they show the couple as ‘a part and also as a whole’- mutually exclusive.

The photographer needs to showcase the couple attired in non-bridal clothing at exotic locations in rather special ways. For the couple too, getting to know each other better is a vital part of the ‘big game’ and the pre wedding shoots tend to focus on that aspect.

To get the best pre wedding photography means the locale as well as the couples’ mood need to be in sync. The clothes and outfits- usually casual, are so chosen that they complement each other’s styles. Some of the shots taken actually find their way to social media while some are retained as ‘private memorabilia’.


R o h i t & R u n j h u n

conceptualized shoots done before the wedding.